Thunder At The Rock
Racing Rules / Regulations.

Beginners to the Pro’s – ALL Racers Welcome.

Leather jacket, pants, leather gloves, boots above the ankle, and full face helmets required.   Helmet with straps buckled must be worn anytime you go down the track, also any rider must wear long pants, racing jacket or leather suit, gloves and safety shows. Safety comes first.

Driver must have leather pants if 120 mph or faster.

Bikes must pass track tech if applicable.   Any bike deemed unsafe by the race coordinator (tech) will not be allowed to race with until the issue is resolved.

Ground clearance on all bikes must be a minimum of two inches (2”). This may be checked before T&T, anytime during qualifying/time runs and/or eliminations

Belly-pans or diapers for Nitrous bikes are required.

Nitrous oxide is allowed, if securely mounted-DOT regulated. Nitrous oxide bottles must be securely mounted within the perimeter of the frame and protected in the case of an accident.   Nitrous bottles may not be heated with an open flame.

No three or four wheelers allowed in staging.   None will be allowed on track without permission.

All ATV’s must be identified with the racers bike number.   Anyone operating an ATV must have a state driver’s license.   Joy riding will not be allowed.   If abused, the racer responsible will be disqualified.

Riders are responsible for insuring that their dial-in is correct before staging.

If you have bike trouble ahead of staging, please let track officials know before you opponent starts his burn out.   You will have three minutes to correct the issue and start your bike.   If a bike loses fire after the burn out, you will have one minute to restart your bike.   If you cannot get your bike started and pre-stage the other bike will be sent on a single run.

Do not fire the motorcycle until you have official approval and/or do not heat the tire until you have approval.

If a run is bad because of track personnel error, it will be rerun.   If a run is bad because of rider losing, please be a good sport. If you red light, you lose.

Any equipment flying from one bike causing another driver to slow up will mean a re-run or disqualification

Do not spin tires in water box.

If you leave your bike unattended in staging, you may be disqualified.

Only two (2) crew members allowed past the burn out boxes.

All crew members going to the starting line must be at least 16 years of age or older.

A crew member or rider must remain with the motorcycle at all times in the staging lanes.

If a racer is in question on anything, you must tell an official before you do your burnout.

Both riders — pre-stage light must be turned on before either stage light is turned on.  Courtesy staging will be enforced.

Both Pre-Stage and Stage Lights must be activated to constitute a Legal Stage.

No Deep Staging (all classes)  Once both pre-stage and stage lights are turned on, the first rider who turns off the pre-stage light will be automatically red lighted by the computer.

Once both pre-stage lights are turned on then no changes of your dial-in can be made.

Excessive braking at finish line, touching or crossing center line, or hitting guardrail will disqualify the run.

Any vehicle or action by driver deemed unsafe or dangerous by any track official will result in disqualifications from competition.

A racer has the right to make an additional qualifying attempt in the event of the racer in the adjacent racing lane crossing the center line abreast of or in front of you during his/her qualifying attempt.    A re-run, if allowed, must be completed during the event qualifying session.   The run will not be allowed if the racer does not report to the starting line in the allotted time.

In the event that both bikes have issues and neither can race or get to the finish line under their own power, the winner will be determined by the quickest reaction time.   In the event both riders having identical reaction times, the rider that had lane choice for that pass will be the winner.

The use of alcohol or drugs by any participant is strictly prohibited. If a rider is suspected of alcohol or drug use, he will be immediately ejected from the race.

Any person fighting or using abusive language will be asked to leave the premises. “BE GOOD OR BE GONE”.

Most Tracks Speed Limit is 10 MPH at all times in the pits, staging lanes and returns roads.  All Track will have their Speed Limit Posted.

NOTE: All questions should be directed to the race coordinator during an event. The race coordinator will be glad to answer your questions. If the race coordinator cannot answer your questions that person will get you to someone who can. The track owner, race officials or race coordinator has the final say on all race procedures and rules. No exceptions.


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