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Street Baggers

Street Baggers (E.T. Bracket Racing Format .500 Tree)

Street Baggers
(E.T. Racing Format .500 Tree)
This Class is Open to All Street Legal Dresser Type Motorcycles.   All Motorcycles must have a Dresser Frame & Hard Bags.  Any Custom or  Any Factory Dresser Type Bikes.    All Makes or Models is welcome.

ALL Racers,
Beginners to Pros & ALL Motorcycles Are Welcome. ** Membership in CTMDR is not required to participate (race) in any of the CTMDR Races.      CTMDR Membership Form

Street Baggers
Sportsman Format – All Run Field – No Power Adders – No air or electric shifters – DOT Street Legal Tires –  UN-Modified Dresser Frame & Hard Bags – No Wheelie Bars – Working Headlight and Tailight – No Electronics ie: Two Steps/Launch Control – Stock Wheelbase – All Street Baggers Welcome.

Designation – SB   followed by Rider Number

Class Description:   1/8th Mile  E.T. – .500 Tree – All Run Field (You Enter You Race)

Street Baggers Qualifying Procedure:
All entries in the Street Baggers Class will run round one and round two for qualifying on a random pairing basis.   After Round Two of qualifying Racers line up in the left or right side of the lane your class is called to on a random pairing basis until were down to 16 bikes.

Buybacks:  — 1st Round Buybacks Only

The class will qualify a 16-bike field and place them on a Sportsman  Ladder.

Sportsman Ladder Parings:  Once we get down to 16 bikes or less, the class will be placed on a Sportsman Ladder based on reaction time from the previous round.   Once the ladder is generated, lane choice is given to the rider with the better qualifying position.   16 – 8 – 4 – 2 – Winner.

Entry Fees / Payouts:
Entry Fee / Payout go to:  CTMDR 2019 Entry Fee – Payouts   **** Trophies and Payout to the – Winner – Runner Up – Semi.

Engine:  —   Any cubic inch.   No auxiliary starters.

Fuel:  —  Gasoline, alcohol and nitrous allowed. No propylene oxide.

Transmission:    FLH Stock or aftermarket transmission.    Can use any clutch.   Belt drives are legal.   Rear wheel drives may consist of any ratios and materials.   Only Factory Type Clutch Controls Allowed.

Brakes:   Brakes: Front and rear mandatory (Disc or Drum) and must be properly working.    Brakes / Rotors can be aftermarket.

Floorboards:   FLH Floorboards must be on the bike in the factory location.

Controls:    Handlebar controls must be located in safe, workable position. Foot pegs and foot controls must be located in safe, workable position and must be mounted in a safe, craftsman-like manner.    Must have an emergency kill switch of some type on all motorcycles.

Front End:    Must use FLH Dresser type front fork/tree assembly.  Factory Type Appearance by Manufacture.

Frame:   FLH Factory type frame.   Must be a HD – FLH Dresser, Road Kings   Backbone and down tubes may be modified for engine and exhaust clearance but must keep Factory Type Appearance.   Frame must retain the factory swing arm mounting to the frame.    All Bikes Must Have Hard Bags.  Any Year Model FLH Dresser Frames Allowed.   Any Modifications must pass Tech Inspectors approval for safety.

Ground Clearance:   Minimum of 2 inches with rider on motorcycle and includes exhaust and kickstand.

Wheel Base:    Stock Wheel Base

Tires:    Factory or Factory Type Replacement D.O.T. approved with 2/32 tread (must be a street legal tire).

Wheels:    Stock wheels or aftermarket performance wheels.   Any size is legal.

Wheelie Bars:    Not Allowed

Body:    FLH Stock fenders and gas tank, or custom fenders and gas tank are allowed but must be mounted and constructed in a safe, craftsman-like manner with FLH Factory Type Appearance.

Fairing –   Optional

Seat:  —  Motorcycle must have a seat securely mounted

Electrical:  2-steps, delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are prohibited.   Delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are not permitted on the motorcycle, they must be disconnected and removed.

Ignition:   Any ignition system is allowed.   Computers: only data gathering computers allowed.

Lights:   Factory or Aftermarket light system.   Rear Brake Light must work for safety purposes.

Computers:  Only data gathering computers allowed.  No delay boxes or electronic throttle stops.

Tech:    All motorcycles must be pass tech before practice.   Motorcycle, rider and their protective gear must be present at tech area.    Tech official will have final say on any unclear rule or equipment.

Rider:    Helmet – Full coverage helmets only! Must be Snell-2000 or ECE 22.05 or helmet approved by tech Eye protection is required.    Protective Clothing – Leather jackets, full-finger leather gloves and hi-top leather shoes or boots. Riders exceeding 120 mph must wear full leathers. Safety is very important – Please Be Safe.


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